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Alfred Foundations at Scholes Library:
CoLab exhibition How to _____?! 
This show features the zines, interviews, and videos made in CoLab by A and C Groups. Come check out the amazing work and learn a thing or two!

Refreshments will be served.

Scholes Library Project Space
(ground floor): The School of Art and Design’s Foundation CoLab classes ask questions and seek answers on a variety of topics through audio interviews, videos, and zines.

Scholes Library Special Collections
Sketches from the FuseLab Foundations students Albers Project
Joseph Albers was a Bauhaus master of color. The FuseLab Foundations’ students used plates from his Interaction of Color in Special Collections to begin to understand how a color shifts based on the other colors it interacts with. Using Albers’ compositions, students made two versions: one where the two colors in the middle of a ground are the same but look different and another where the colors are different but look the same. These are their sketches, tests, and notes, which led to some incredible interactions of color.