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Final Reviews

Hello ! — tomorrow morning is the first day of final reviews. Please double check the schedules that are posted in both the Cohen and Harder Hall studios. Note the fact that reviews start at 8:00 each day not the usual start time of 8:20. ** remember to come early for set up, bring push pins and help your classmates to prepare.

All final reviews are being held in the Cohen studio



Review Schedule

sp 19 review


The link above list your name, day and time for your review. Please remember to come early to install your work.

You can also find a print out of the schedule in Harder Hall in Dale’s Studio and on the top floor of Cohen by the front door.

List of works for final reviews

Hi students,
Below is a list of each of the works you are responsible for having present for your reviews. Be mindful of which group you are in.



Group C:

1. How to Zine

2. Letter to Administrator (documentation)

3. Final sub corp video

4. Sub Corp Silk Screen

Group B:

1. How to Video

2. Documentation from sub corp community engagement

3. Sub Corp Silk Screen

4. Choose one Letter you sent during CoLab (documentation)


D group:

1. Final video

2. Final double interview project

3. 10-12 question cards

A group:

1. Final audio

2. final video



(both groups)

1. Albers

2. Color match compositions

3. Final Portrait


(both groups)

1. Color gradient (optional)

2. Albers

3. Color match compositions

4. Final portrait



C group:

Choose the best 3 from:

  • 2 Multiple contour/cross-contour drawings (you can choose the best of these or the pair)
  • Small ink collage OR its corresponding drawing
  • Still life
  • Final

B group:

 Choose the best 3 from:

  • 2 Multiple contour/cross-contour drawings (you can choose the best of these or the pair)
  • Glass drawing
  • Small collage
  • Final


(both groups)

1. woodblock and glass prints

2. best 2 Marky Mark drawings (one color one black and white)

3. best 2 Sol LeWitt instructional drawings

4. finished pieces from SEELab



(both groups)

3 images of documentation of final ceramic/fiber piece

John Gill:

(both groups)

1 ceramic piece of your choice (actual object or documentation)

Accepting nominations for student awards!

Please email me ( with your nominations for the following categories:

Leader of the Pack — Awarded to the student who most clearly embodies the Foundations spirit of ingenuity, positivity and collaboration.

Clark Kent  (Hidden in Plain Sight) — Awarded to the student who is a deeply engaged artist on the inside but on the outside looks like a non-artist, blending in with the crowd.

Fashion Killa — Awarded to the student who has brought their A game to the studio without sacrificing sartorial verve.