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Welcome Back to the B -Side!


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Hello — hope you all had a restful break and got a chance to catch up on sleep, seeing family and friends and getting ready for the next half of the semester.

Tomorrow you will be in new Foundations classes.

A Group:  Will be meeting with Professors Ferguson and Donnellan in the basement of the Cohen Studio. Please bring your kits and something to write with. ( you will not need drawing boards or cutting mats)

B Group: Will be meeting with Professors Gill and Free in the Harder Hall studio. Please bring your kits with sketchbooks and something to write with. You will be doing woodshop training in the next couple of days so please remember to wear closed toed footwear and no loose clothing. ( you will not need drawing boards or cutting mats)

A Group and B Group


As promised the Foundations class has been divided into 2 groups ( please see below) these will be your class groups until the end of the fall semester. Each group will be engaged in 4 workshops, 2 in A block and 2 in B block:

Drawing: (O)bservation

Drawing: (EX)perimentation

Studio: Make

Studio: Research

A Group:

Will meet with professors Angie To, Katarina Riesing and Meagan Scheffer on Monday and Tuesday in the Harder Hall Studio for Drawing: EX. Please bring your art kits and make sure you have drawing materials such as pencils, charcoal etc. On Thursday and Friday you will meet with professors John Gill and Morgan Free in the Harder Hall studio for Studio:Make (material details to come)

A Group Roster 2017 Blog

B Group:

Will meet with professors Kathy Vajda and Heidi Hahn on the main floor of the Cohen Studio on Monday and Tuesday for Drawing: O. Please bring your art kits to class and make sure that you have drawing materials such as pencils, charcoal and your erasers (white and kneaded). On Thursday and Friday you will meet with professors Sara Ferguson and Karen Donnellan in the basement of Cohen Studio for Studio: Research (material details to come)

B Group Roster 2017 Blog


king kong

The Foundations class will be taking an overnight trip to NYC on Saturday, September 23rd. We will be spending the time looking at art, eating good food and gathering sights and sounds to bring back to Alfred.

The cost of the trip is $75.00 per person this fee includes: roundtrip bus fare, overnight accommodation and entrance to the Museum of Modern Art.

** the trip fee must be paid by Friday September 15th. You can take a check or cash to the Bursars office which is in the main floor of Seidlin Hall.


Hello and Welcome.
You have reached the Foundations Program at Alfred University, New York College of Ceramics, Alfred, New York!

Here you can find info about happenings, classes, and visitors, as well as practical info for students such as how to register, graduation expectations, and guides to technology and tools.

A special welcome to our newly accepted students.  You will join other bright young artists as they begin their educational journeys at Alfred University’s School of Art + Design and together you will become the 2017-2018 cohort!

Before you arrive on campus, you’ll need to take care of a number of things. The Alfred Foundation Blog will walk you through your first steps. Take some time and read the other headers at the top of this page. Getting Started will give you information regarding registration, materials + tools you’ll need and other advice as you prepare for the fall semester. And click on Posts above for our newest information as well as a sneak peak at what happened last year.

In the Fall Angie To and Kat Riesing will be your faculty advisors but in the meantime, for questions related to the on-line registration system and BannerWeb contact the Registrar’s office at 607-871-2123 or e-mail For questions related to School of Art contact Betsy Kent at or 607-871-2441.

Check back often as we add information.

Angie To and Katarina Riesing

PS. If you need to contact us the address is:

Foundations, School of Art and Design
New York State College of Ceramics
Alfred University
2 Pine Street
Alfred, New York 14802

Getting Started

Hello Incoming Freshmen. Let’s get started!

Please take some time to look over the “Getting Started” information on this site. You can find it by clicking the titles below.

Materials Archive

Materials + Tools



Technology Guide

The Attendance Policy

and then watch for the Orientation and all other new Information in the month of August!

Have a great summer and we look forward to meeting you this Fall.

— Foundations Core Faculty: Angie To, Katarina Riesing, Sara Ferguson

Round 2 — More Awesomeness

Hello Class!

A belated Happy New Year and hearty Welcome Back to Alfred.  The spring semester will bring many new challenges and you will accomplish ever more as you all continue to open your minds to expanded possibilities for art making.  I am sure that you are ready to get started and that the winter break has been a fun and much needed time to re-center, connect with family and friends and a moment to review what the first semester of college was all about.

As some of you may already know I am on sabbatical this semester which means that I am taking a semester long break from teaching to concentrate on my own art making.  Katarina will be Chair of Foundations this semester; she and Sarah will continue to be your academic advisors and will organizing all that has to do with Foundations.  While I won’t be in the classroom on a daily basis I will be looking forward to seeing your progress at the Foundations end of semester exhibition in May.