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Advising Wednesday

Hello Class!

Tomorrow we will be meeting with you individually to go over your registration plans for next semester. Angie, Kat, Sara and Dale will meet you in the Harder Hall Experimental Drawing Studio. Please check the attached schedule for your name and assigned meeting time. Please remember to bring the registration worksheet you received last week. NO WORKSHEET/ REGISTRATION PLAN NO PIN NUMBER!


Fall Break

Dear Students — Congratulations on successfully completing the first part of the fall semester! I trust that all of you will find a way to relax and recharge over the next 4 days in order to return and begin anew. There was a great deal of impressive work that came out of all classes — pattern making, investigation of materials, learning about your surrounding community and connecting eye to hand as you worked on translating the visual world onto paper.

As mentioned earlier in the week, upon return to campus we will be using the 3 remaining days of class next week to engage in a group workshop. This means that the entire foundations class will be working on various experiments together we will not be breaking into our A and B groups right away.

We will be focusing on using photography to explore objects. Your homework for the weekend is to do the following:

  • Find and collect a series of 5 everyday objects. You can either collect 5 different everyday objects or a set of similar everyday objects. These objects will be altered in some way for our project so select objects that are not inherently precious to you
  • We are planning to use the cameras on your phones but if you have access to a good point and shoot or DSLR camera + tripod please consider bringing these tools back with you.

You will be working in small groups of 5. You may form your groups over the weekend or there will be time when you arrive back to campus.


Until we meet again be well, eat great food and connect with friends and family!


Wednesday Class

Dear Students — tomorrow morning we will be meeting in Nevins at 9:00. You will be meeting in the same small groups as last week to share your homework and your findings relative to the project’s viability, and if you have decided to make changes.

All groups need to be present at 9 am and ready to present.



Drawing: Observation Tuesday Class

Hello Class,

Please be aware that there are some scheduling changes to tomorrow’s class. I have attached the revised schedule please check for your name and the new meeting time.

Also — the whole class is expected back in the studio by 10:15 to do a mandatory, final clean up and to take a look at the final projects. Please come ready to pick up work and to clean the studio¬†Drawing Final 2018 TUESDAY