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NYC-Itinerary and Links


Hi all – below you will find a link to the official itinerary for our NYC trip


Please remember: 

Wear comfortable shoes to walk in

Pack light – we are going to be traveling with our backpacks for most of the day – so only bring the necessities!

Bring a phone charger

Bring a drivers license or some sort of official ID

Bring your student ID

Have some cash on you for food, MTA cards, emergencies

This is your hostel and here is a map of where the hostel is in Brooklyn.

There is lots of wonderful food around Williamsburg – not to mention great people watching.

And here are links to the various institutions we will be visiting – both in large groups and the smaller groups on Sunday morning.  Please check these out before we leave so that you can familiarize yourself with whats going on – lots of good things!

The Whitney Museum of Art

Chelsea Gallery hopping

The Museum of Art and Design

The Brooklyn Museum

Erin Riley’s studio

Botanical Gardens

The Metropolitan Museum



Don’t forget to take care of your bods! (looking at you- experimental drawing folks). Free yoga every Monday and Wednesday in the multi purpose room (second floor) of the McLane Annex.

5:20-6:50 led by Kripalu trained yoga instructor – mats and things provided. Stretch it out. Ear-Pressure-Pose-Karnapidasana.jpg

Final announcements

One last quick reminder to clear out all lockers and portfolio/drawing files out of the Harder Hallway. The maintenance staff will be through shortly to cut locks and clear out all lockers.

Good luck with all your finals and papers! And congrats again on a great year. Looking forward to each of you *killing* it in your Sophomore studios. Don’t forget – we knew you when!

I will be posting some images from the final Me//We show shortly. Stay tuned!

–Kat n Sara

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