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Don’t miss Landscape Residue

An exploratory and participatory installation connecting sound, landscape and drawing by Xu Bing, Andrew Deutsch and Karen Donnellan

Opens Friday, Nov 3rd, from 5-7pm!

The exhibition runs until Dec 14 at Scholes Library Gallery (beside circulation desk) on the Alfred University Campus and will be open during library hours.

Sponsored by Sculpture/Dimensional Studies and the Institute for Electronic Arts.

Free and open to the public! Come and make a drawing!

Bergren Forum Tomorrow!

Tomorrow! 12:10pm in Nevins
D. Chase Angier
“Immersed in Blue: Iceland”
Though her embodied investigation of Iceland’s landscapes, art, and swimming pools, Angier explored the dialogue between internal and external landscapes. During this presentation, she will share her discoveries, choreographic processes, and renewed understanding of the transformative power of art and landscapes.

Volunteer Opportunity

Below is a message from Caitlin Brown at the Museum.

If you can volunteer please email Caitlin by 9am tomorrow.

Thank you in advance to those who are interested in helping out for an hour or so during the Art Walk tomorrow evening. Below is a schedule. We have some volunteers already but as you can see, we need at least 4 more volunteers. If at all possible, I would love to have more than one person at each stop.

If you are willing to help out, please plan on coming to the Museum at 5:45 for a brief training and general introduction.

Stop 1: Museum
6-7 Mackenzie McDonald

Stop 2: Main Street
6-7 Anna/ Chloe

Stop 3: A State
6-7 Anna/ Chloe
7-8 Greg
8-9 Annie

****9pm- all ****at the end of the night, please bring your walkie talkie and shuttle stop sign back to the museum.


Caitlin Brown