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Homework instructions for Today! 8/30

Part A:

Select one final image of your project. This image is due at 3 pm today.

Part B:

Each group will select a series of 4 images:

  • 2 best images from your group’s site visit homework (informal images from small group site visits during Wednesday class)
  • 2 images of working process leading up to the final image (images that were almost the best one but not quite there)

Label each image and send as attachments

  1. Group_insert #_Site 1
  2. Group_insert #_ Site 2
  3. Group_insert #_runnerup
  4. Group_insert #_runnerup
  5. Group_insert #_Final

Please reference your group number in the subject line of the email. These images will be made into a Power Point that will be used in our final discussion about the workshop.

Email this to the gmail account:

For Thursday 8/30

Hopefully you had a chance to explore and play in your off-site locations before the thunderstorm. Tonight you are gathering the information collected in your small groups and sharing it with your entire group. Together you will choose a location for tomorrows installation.  Once you have collectively chosen a site please put together the following information on a sheet of paper for your faculty.

Group number

Name of each member of your group

Site where you are working- include directions from harder hall.


This WEEK is packed with AMAZING events…

There are so many incredible artists and speakers presenting this week on campus (including all of you on Saturday!) – don’t miss out!

Monday @ 5:30pm
Artist Talk: Tim Pauszek with Myles Calvert & Kat Riesing
Location: Cohen Gallery

Susie Silbert
Blue Chip Artists, Glassy Thinkers, and Boro Boys: Navigating Contemporary Glass
Tuesday, April 24, 5:30pm
Location: Binns Merrill, Room C

Armando Milani
Ethics and Emergency
April 25, 5:00pm
Location: Holmes Auditorium

Karen Donnellan and Suzanne Peck
Blow Harder: Blow Harder: An Exploration of Language, Sexuality, and Gender in the Glassblowing Studio
April 26, 12:10pm
Location of Event: Nevins Theater

Women and Gender Studies and the Riley Sisters Speaker:
Roberta Cordano, President of Gallaudet University
April 26, 5:30pm
Location of Event: Nevins Theater

Come celebrate with your cohort the end of foundations with food and some fun awards!
April 27th 5:00pm-6:30pm
Cohen Studio


Sculpture and Dimensional Studies First Year Graduate Students
Date: April 27, 6-9pm
Location: Old Post Office in Hornell (50 Seneca St. Hornell, NY 14843)

OPEN STUDIOS: In Plain Sight
Open to ALL, bring your friends and family
April 28th, 2:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Foundation Studios
Food and drink provided!



Armando Milani 0425

Bergren Forum Blow Harder Presentation 1new-susie-flyer 5 Final-fix(1)


Leader of the Pack — Awarded to the student who most clearly embodies the Foundations spirit of ingenuity, positivity and collaboration.

Simone Ferguson
Ren Dessart
Jacob Wilcox
Mia Bagnall

Clark Kent — Hidden in Plain Sight — Awarded to the student who is a deeply engaged artist on the inside but on the outside looks like a non-artist, blending in with the crowd.

Greg Buck
Katie Alley
Paige Wetherwax
Ting Germain

Fashion Killa — Awarded to the student who has brought their A game to the studio without sacrificing sartorial verve.

Chloe Strang
Lilly Smith
Monet Harris
Colin Scripter

Vote for your Foundation Choice Awards. The polls will close on April 22nd.

Foundation Choice Awards

Winners will be announced on April 27th, 5:00pm at the Foundation Pizza Party in Cohen.