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Spring Registration

Dear Students — tomorrow morning at 8 am is the beginning of your registration window on the Banner system. To allow you enough time to register we will be starting class at 8:30. Please refer to the plans that you shared with your advisors over the past 2 weeks in order to register for courses — and also remember that you need to register for the art history discussion section at the SAME time that you register for art history classes.


Wednesday Class

Visiting Artist Tiffany Joy Butler!

Tiffany Joy will be speaking to the class about her artwork which challenges notions of heteronormativity, entitlement and superiority through the use of video, performance and internet based projects. Currently living and working in between The Hudson Valley and New York City, Tiffany Joy’s experimental films and projects are greatly influenced by memory, existence and history.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.39.02 AM

Don’t miss Landscape Residue

An exploratory and participatory installation connecting sound, landscape and drawing by Xu Bing, Andrew Deutsch and Karen Donnellan

Opens Friday, Nov 3rd, from 5-7pm!

The exhibition runs until Dec 14 at Scholes Library Gallery (beside circulation desk) on the Alfred University Campus and will be open during library hours.

Sponsored by Sculpture/Dimensional Studies and the Institute for Electronic Arts.

Free and open to the public! Come and make a drawing!

Bergren Forum Tomorrow!

Tomorrow! 12:10pm in Nevins
D. Chase Angier
“Immersed in Blue: Iceland”
Though her embodied investigation of Iceland’s landscapes, art, and swimming pools, Angier explored the dialogue between internal and external landscapes. During this presentation, she will share her discoveries, choreographic processes, and renewed understanding of the transformative power of art and landscapes.

Wednesday Class

Tomorrow we will be talking about registration/ advising for the spring semester please bring a notebook and questions you have regarding classes, minors/ double majors etc.

We will also be participating in an Art Force 5 tile painting activity during the second half of class please bring a medium and small sized paint with you tomorrow.

Experimental Drawing inspo

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 1.30.33 PM.png(Trudy Benson)

Killer start on phase 2 of your drawings! Here are some links to websites of artists who are engaged in an abstract practice. Please look through for ideas: how are they using line, texture, value and color to pull together a cohesive composition?

Check it:

Trudy Benson

Mark Bradford

Kristin Baker

Julie Mehretu

Amy Silman

Mitchell Wright

Charline von Heyl

Yevginiya Baras

There are so many more!



Visiting Artist Alex Lukas

Artist Alex Lukas will be presenting his work during our Wednesday lecture class. He will be talking about his work on view in the upcoming exhibition Errant Landscapes in the Fosdick Nelson gallery.

** we will be meeting in Holmes Auditorium this week