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Surround Sound Workshop!

2000px-5-1-surround-sound.svgAlex Ashcroft is offering a surround sound workshop Tuesday night ( tomorrow).  The workshop will demonstrate how to develop a surround sound project.  The workshop will meet from 7-9 pm in the Harder Hall Studio in the Fuse Lab section where we have built a small room.

All you will need is a note book and some sound files on a flash drive.

Want to go abroad?

The Vintage, Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla

The Vintage, Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla

Just an early heads-up. Sophomores who want to go abroad in the spring of their junior year should make an appointment to meet with Vicki Westacott at least three semesters ahead of the desired abroad study trip.  For more info see the attached handout for an overview of the options available for students in Art and Design.         Art and Design Handout[2]


Please join us for two events that celebrate the work of Spring 2015 Foundations Randall Chairs Joanna Wright and Alex Ashcroft. On Monday March 30th at 6pm in Nevins Joanna and Alex will lecture about their work. On the following Monday, April 6, stop by the Turner Gallery from 12pm – 4pm to see an audio-visual work-in-progress, called Atomfa as well as hear some examples of Alex’s experimental ambisonic pieces.

Art Talk: Monday, March 30th
Time: 6PM
Location: Nevins Theater
Cost to Attend: Free

Exhibition: Monday, April 6th
Time: 12 – 4PM
Location: Robert C. Turner Gallery
Cost to Attend: FreeAtomfa still atomfa still 2