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Welcome Back!

suitcase airport

As you are packing up your bags and getting ready to come back to Alfred, take one last look at the materials lists that faculty have requested! It is much easier to get these supplies ANYWHERE other than Alfred. Safe Travels and see you on Tuesday!

table+spaceWORK STUDY POSITIONS @ The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery! Looking for Reliable Work-Study Students  Beginning Spring 2013. Must be eligible for work-study. Freshmen are encouraged to apply. Mandatory Meeting – First day of class January 22, at noon, outside the gallery. Interested? Contact Sharon McConnell at:    Click for work-study poster

For STUDIO Research THE LINE, please bring your laptop (if you have one) to class next Monday….

Bring Back from HOME?

While at home please purchase or collect the following materials…

Group B, for Angie and John’s class, please see above for a link to the reading and please bring:
A 1 – 2  inch wide utility paint brush
A covered container that holds at least a quart of liquid to hold glue
Newspaper ( i.e 2 sunday papers worth )
Clay working tools ( if you have them)

Group B, for Jason and Will’s class ….Please restock your kits with:
vine charcoal
compressed charcoal
graphite sticks
sobo glue
white and black acrylic paint
blue painters tape
also: bring newspaper/newsprint/collage materials back from home

For Brett and Michelle’s STUDIO Research (the LINE) please bring a notebook and your laptop to class on Monday (if you have one.)

Please check back, there may be additions. (PS. BRING YOUR DOWN COAT + BOOTS)