Tomorrow morning we will meet at 9 am in Nevins Theater which is located on the second floor of the Powell Campus Center.  Unlike the beginning and end of the week when you will be in your A and B Groups Wednesday class is a time for us to get together as one team.  This part of Foundations concentrates on the question of ” how to be an artist?” your faculty will present you with many different points of view in answer to that big question.  We will host visiting artists, watch films, present discussion topics that will illustrate the wide spectrum of artists and art practices possible.


Observed and Imagined: Works on Paper by Mario Prisco


September 16-October 16

The Cohen Gallery will present recent figure drawings and fantastical watercolors by Alfred University Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus Mario Prisco from September 16 to October 16. For Prisco, observational drawing using the human form is a touchstone to his larger practice. His figurative work has always influenced essential decisions in his painting–the selection of objects, the relationship between parts, and the handling of edges. His series of watercolors displays fanciful and recurring motifs in imagined landscapes of bold colors and multiple perspectives. The distance he travels from the real to the surreal may seem extreme, but the artist would argue that the painterly skills and compositional connections between the two genres are implicit.

Mario Prisco was born in Brooklyn in 1930. After attending the High School for Music and Art in Manhattan, he went on to receive his BFA and MFA at Syracuse University. His teaching career included positions at Moore College of Art, where he established the Fine Arts Division, and the School of Art and Design at Alfred. Prisco has had a long and successful career at Alfred. Among his many accomplishments were the creation of the design program and the establishment of sophomore drawing. He continues to attend the Thursday night open studio on campus.

Onderdonx Archive!

Join us for a Q+A with Onderdonx at the opening this Monday, August 29th, from 5-7pm in the main lobby of Scholes Library. 
Artist, curator and minimalism archaeologist, Andy Onderdonx brings his eclectic “Onderdonx Archive” to the Scholes library from August 29th to October 1st.

This exhibition opens up the main artery of 1960s and 1970s minimalism through a beautiful display of rare artist books, show catalogues, artist prints, posters and printed ephemera. The collection highlights uncelebrated artists from a range of disciplines such as Deborah Remington, Georg Karl Pfahler, Lygia Clark, Larry Zox, Beverly Pepper, Sven Lukin, Anne Truitt, William Pye, Bridget Riley, Friedrich Grasel as well as revered artists from Ken Price to Frank Stella. 

Second Week of Classes

As promised here is the information regarding where you need to be on monday morning.

A Group:  Meeting in the Harder Hall studio with Professors To and Ethridge for Studio : MAKE.  You will need to bring your drawing boards and charcoal.

B Group:  Meeting in the Harder Hall studio with Professors Livingston and Lohin for Drawing: Experimental. You will need your drawing boards and your art kits ( make sure to have all of your drawing materials available)

Fall 2016 A Group Poster

Fall 2016 B Group Poster


You should bring:

Your completed object from memory – make sure it is covered in the plaster gauze and, ideally, completely dry.

ALSO – we would like you to scrounge the campus for cardboard – please see if you can bring in a box-full of cardboard scraps for tomorrow. The dining halls will probably have lots of cardboard boxes from the food deliveries.  And if you have any cardboard boxes from your move here, please donate! We went through a lot today and will need more for the rest of the week.

Please also bring a drawing/writing tool, your box cutter, cutting mat and scissors.  You should also bring a lock for a locker.


First Day homework – MEMORY

So, we learned that memory is weird and fluid and strange and full of holes and gaps…

To reiterate the homework- you are going to have 2 edited drawings and 2 edited written descriptions of 2 different objects.  Remember to be as SPECIFIC as possible. You are an artist and as an artist, you will have to make very specific and unique decisions – so when you say “Pink” – think more specifically about what that pink is – hot pink, pastel, matte, shiny, fleshy… This is going to distinguish your “pink” from someone else’s “pink”

Here are some of the artists that Sophia showed today:

look them up!

Mike Kelley, Do Ho Suh, Doris Salcedo, Liliana Porter, Martha Mysko, Marcie Paper, David Hammons, Robert Gober, Claes Oldenburg, Franz West.