Don’t forget to take care of your bods! (looking at you- experimental drawing folks). Free yoga every Monday and Wednesday in the multi purpose room (second floor) of the McLane Annex.

5:20-6:50 led by Kripalu trained yoga instructor – mats and things provided. Stretch it out. Ear-Pressure-Pose-Karnapidasana.jpg

Studio: Make Announcement

All students in Studio Make on Thursday and Friday HAVE to be present for class this Thursday. We will be doing wood shop training in two groups, and students are not allowed access to the wood shop at all in any capacity unless they are present for training. If you miss training in class Thursday morning, you will have to sign up for it outside of class which will be a big pain in the butt for you. If you do not receive wood shop training you will not be able to participate in the first project!


Course on Canvas

Dear Foundation Students,

Below is a link to Canvas where you can find within your foundation course four sections listed, by there studio course title. (Observational Drawing, Experimental Drawing, Studio: Make and Studio: Research) Each course has a syllabus posted. Please look over before class tomorrow!

Canvas Log in page

A Group and B Group


As promised the Foundations class has been divided into 2 groups ( please see below) these will be your class groups until the end of the fall semester. Each group will be engaged in 4 workshops, 2 in A block and 2 in B block:

Drawing: (O)bservation

Drawing: (EX)perimentation

Studio: Make

Studio: Research

A Group:

Will meet with professors Angie To, Katarina Riesing and Meagan Scheffer on Monday and Tuesday in the Harder Hall Studio for Drawing: EX. Please bring your art kits and make sure you have drawing materials such as pencils, charcoal etc. On Thursday and Friday you will meet with professors John Gill and Morgan Free in the Harder Hall studio for Studio:Make (material details to come)

A Group Roster 2017 Blog

B Group:

Will meet with professors Kathy Vajda and Heidi Hahn on the main floor of the Cohen Studio on Monday and Tuesday for Drawing: O. Please bring your art kits to class and make sure that you have drawing materials such as pencils, charcoal and your erasers (white and kneaded). On Thursday and Friday you will meet with professors Sara Ferguson and Karen Donnellan in the basement of Cohen Studio for Studio: Research (material details to come)

B Group Roster 2017 Blog


king kong

The Foundations class will be taking an overnight trip to NYC on Saturday, September 23rd. We will be spending the time looking at art, eating good food and gathering sights and sounds to bring back to Alfred.

The cost of the trip is $75.00 per person this fee includes: roundtrip bus fare, overnight accommodation and entrance to the Museum of Modern Art.

** the trip fee must be paid by Friday September 15th. You can take a check or cash to the Bursars office which is in the main floor of Seidlin Hall.