Study in Florence, Italy this summer!

Alfred in Florence May 20th to June 21st 2018

Cathedral in FlorenceAlfred University in affiliation with Florence University of the Arts is offering DRAWING AND PAINTING IN FLORENCE, a four-week studio course in the heart of Florence, Italy. Painting Professors Kevin Wixted and Heidi Hahn from the School of Art & Design, will lead the group and teach this course for both beginning and advanced students.

Students discover the city through fieldtrips and assignments that explore the art, architecture, landscape and culture of Florence and it’s surrounding areas. Painting and drawing on location and in the studio, students create work based on their travels, observations and experiences. A range of techniques and conceptual approaches are addressed as students explore and interpret the rich cultural environment of Tuscany. This course fulfills the School of Art and Design Drawing Requirement.

 For more info contact Professor Kevin Wixted at


Volunteer Opportunity

Below is a message from Caitlin Brown at the Museum.

If you can volunteer please email Caitlin by 9am tomorrow.

Thank you in advance to those who are interested in helping out for an hour or so during the Art Walk tomorrow evening. Below is a schedule. We have some volunteers already but as you can see, we need at least 4 more volunteers. If at all possible, I would love to have more than one person at each stop.

If you are willing to help out, please plan on coming to the Museum at 5:45 for a brief training and general introduction.

Stop 1: Museum
6-7 Mackenzie McDonald

Stop 2: Main Street
6-7 Anna/ Chloe

Stop 3: A State
6-7 Anna/ Chloe
7-8 Greg
8-9 Annie

****9pm- all ****at the end of the night, please bring your walkie talkie and shuttle stop sign back to the museum.


Caitlin Brown

Welcome Back to the B -Side!


all-the-eternal-love-i-have-for-the-pumpkins 2

Hello — hope you all had a restful break and got a chance to catch up on sleep, seeing family and friends and getting ready for the next half of the semester.

Tomorrow you will be in new Foundations classes.

A Group:  Will be meeting with Professors Ferguson and Donnellan in the basement of the Cohen Studio. Please bring your kits and something to write with. ( you will not need drawing boards or cutting mats)

B Group: Will be meeting with Professors Gill and Free in the Harder Hall studio. Please bring your kits with sketchbooks and something to write with. You will be doing woodshop training in the next couple of days so please remember to wear closed toed footwear and no loose clothing. ( you will not need drawing boards or cutting mats)

Nick Cave


If you enjoyed Nick Cave’s work today in the As Is documentary, then check out more of his work:

Here are some great Art 21 videos about his work and this is a link to his gallery, Jack Shainman, in NYC. His website is here and, finally, here is a link to an *amazing* show he just had at Mass MOCA.

Have lovely breaks!