Gallery Talk with Chiaozza


Foundations is sponsoring a gallery talk by Lit exhibition artists Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.  The talk is on Tuesday October 11th at 2:30 in the Fosdick Nelson Gallery.  Attendance is mandatory unless you have a scheduled class that conflicts with that time.




Hello Studio:MAKE,

this is a quick note to Angie and Erin’s class about monday morning.  All 3 groups should have their large cardboard sculptures constructed — you will be spending the class time tomorrow painting your structures.  Please bring your kits to class and make sure your brushes and acrylic paints are in there.  House paint will be available in the classroom for general use too.

see you in the morning,

Angie + Erin


Students in Angie and Erin’s Studio:MAKE class please bring the following materials for Monday morning:

  • your homework of 30 re-drawings of interesting marks observed/gathered from the large scale wall figures.
  • utility knife with extra blades
  • cutting matt
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun with extra hot glue sticks
  • 4 card board boxes ( these can be found in the card board recycling bins behind Ade hall and Powell Campus Center) try to find medium to large sized boxes


Philadelphia Trip Itinerary!

The count down begins for our trip to Philly.  We will be leaving Alfred at 5:15 am sharp!  Please meet us in the parking lot behind the McLane Center Gym at 5 am.  Remember to bring a government issued photo ID and your Alfred University ID.

Itinerary for Alfred Foundations Trip to Philadelphia

September 24 – 25, 2016

Saturday September 24th

5:00 am          Buses arrive at Mc Lane Center parking lot Alfred University.

Students and Faculty load onto buses

5:15 am          Departure from Alfred

11:00 am       Arrive in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: 2600

Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Buses Depart.

11:30–3 pm   Students divide into self-guided tour groups or join Professor Jones

and her Buddhist Arts of Asia class or Professor Ferguson to see work

of Marcel Duchamp.

3:00 pm         Meet in the main lobby of the Philadelphia Museum. Whole group

walks to hostels

4:00 pm         Depart from hostels. Walk to Clay Studio to see Prof. Chase Folsom’s

exhibition and Municipal Pier 1 to see Ann Hamilton: Habitus North Columbus Blvd.

6:00 pm         Whole group walks to Rittenhouse square district for dinner.

Sunday September 25th

 9:30 am          Whole group meets in front of Philadelphia house hostel. Tour of

Phildelphia Mural projects.

12:00 pm       Fabric Workshop 1214 Arch Street.

1:00 pm         Meet in the lobby of Barnes Foundation.

4:30 pm         Buses arrive at the Barnes Foundation: 2025 Benjamin Franklin

Parkway. Faculty and Students load.

4:45 pm         Depart from Philadelphia

10:00 pm       Arrive back in Alfred

Philadelphia: a recap

We going to Philly! Here are some links to places we will be going, things to see and do:

Barnes Foundation

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Fabric Workshop and Museum

Fringe Festival

And remember: We are meeting in the McLane fitness center parking lot (adjacent to tennis courts) at 5AM on Saturday. We will be leaving promptly at 5:15. I recommend getting there a little earlier. Dress appropriately (here is the weather) and pack light as you will be carrying your bag around you for a bit.


(this is us, Saturday)

Art 21 videos

Here are a couple of links to the Art 21 videos we watched today in class. Again, we encourage you to watch all of them. ALL. They are so good.

This is the original Series Art 21These are broken up into theme – like “place” and “humor” and “fantasy” – so you can see how different artists in different disciplines speak to the same ideas.

This is their other series New York Close Up, which features younger artists living and working in the New York City area.


Diana Al-Hadid in her studio:026-AlHadid-StudioBoom-EpisodeSC-019-25-710x399.jpg